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Archived GOES West and GMS Satellite Imagery for Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and the Pacific Ocean

Archive images for this page is only available up to March 02, 2020

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Sorry there are no images available for this date or satellite group. Please submit a different date (group) if you wish to view images in this group (time frame).

Currently, most GOES-10 Imagery are available from April 11, 2003 up to March 02, 2020. There might be a few missing satellite images and/or time periods, most notably July and December of 2003. GOES-12 Imagery are available from April 20, 2004 up to March 02, 2020, and generally does not have any missing periods or images. Another page is under development for images from the higher resolution GOES-17 that displays products beyond March 02, 2020.

Data courtesy of the Honolulu National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office and Unidata.
The National Climatic Data Center also offers Historical GOES Imagery dating back to 1992